The Project “Insect Models for Drug Discovery” has received funding from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.

The vision of the project is to establish insects, as a novel model organism in preclinical research.

EntomoPharm has previously developed two models for ADME drug screening in locusts. From this work and from preliminary insect studies it is evident that many new and commercially viable insect models can be developed. To fulfill the vision of the project EntomoPharm/N2MO, Lundbeck and the University of Copenhagen has initiated collaboration where each of the parties will deliver value through their specific expertise in insect ADME modeling, CNS drug development and miniaturization of analytical techniques.

While the current in vitro (cell based) systems are too simple and do not reflect the complexity of a human blood brain barrier, the traditional animal models (in vivo) may be too expensive and time consuming to be used as screening models. The new insect models shall fill the gap between the traditional in vitro and in vivo blood brain barrier models and minimize the time and cost for developing a new drug whilst enabling a reduction in the use of rodents and larger animals in drug discovery.

The project has received funding from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation and are planned to take place over the coming 3 years. The project will be carried out by EntompPharm / N2MO, Lundbeck and Copenhagen University and has a budget of 25.6 DKK mill. Please refer to press release in Danish.

Please refer to the press release (in Danish):