N2MO is now established in offices north of Copenhagen in the DTU SCION science park in Lyngby.

N2MO is based on 8 unique patents covering ex vivo models for early drug discovery. Through close corporation with academia and the pharmaceutical environment, we have developed Grasshopper ex vivo models enabling measurement on the absorption profile of compounds crossing the Blood Brain Barrier and the Gastrointestinal Tract.

Our Models:

  • The ex vivo brain uptake model – To determine Kpuu
  • The ex vivo brain barrier permeability model – To determine BBB permeability
  • The ex vivo Pgp transporter model – To identify Pgp substrates
  • The ex vivo unspecific transporter model – To identify transporter substrates by temperature blockage of the transporter
  • The ex vivo extent model – To determine the brain uptake over time

Our Mission is to optimize the drug discovery process enabling availability of treatments to patients.

Our vision is to:

  • Be the preferred global provider of medium output screening models in early drug discovery
  • Deliver solid business results through our highly qualified employees and unique insect models
  • Operate with high business ethics and deliver highest quality
  • Focus on engaging customers in all we do