Our Services

We want to provide the pharma industry with new screening models for early drug discovery that are cost efficient and limit the use of animal testing!

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing two key challenges in drug development:

  1. Decreasing R&D productivity at increasing cost.
  2. ADMET failures alone count for 50-60% of late stage failures, with huge consequences for the cost of drug development.

The N2MO insect platform is designed to target these two key problems, as we develop and optimize pre-clinical screening models in insects. N2MO A/S provides customers with cost-efficient, high quality data enabling informed decision making and improved cost-benefit ratio.

Our platform is already validated in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and discussed as a”State of Art” screening platform.

We offer:

High quality

Insects as model organisms have high comparability with mammals and can replace cell based screen models of BBB permeability.

Fast access to ex vivo data

Ex vivo data within 6 days enables the chemist to speed up appropriate adjustments to compounds and to accelerate the drug development process.

Cost-efficient testing

Little material needed for tests, no resynthesizing and potential savings through better results & future drug design

Reduction of failures in drug discovery

Using biological active grasshopper brain in a controlled setting ensures B/P data comparable to single point rodent test, reducing risk of in vitro failures.
  • The ex vivo brain uptake model
    To determine Kpuu
  • The ex vivo brain barrier permeability model
    To determine BBB permeability
  • The ex vivo Pgp transporter model
    To identify Pgp substrates
  • The ex vivo unspecific transporter model
    To identify transporter substrates by temperature blockage of the transporter
  • The ex vivo extent model
    To determine the brain uptake over time